Napoléon’s Macarons are authentically French… and here’s a review by Annmarie Kostyk Chocolate that compares us to the legendary Lauduree in France.

First let me start off by saying Napoleon’s Macarons quality is that of the Laduree French macaron. That’s saying a lot. I was a bit worried about receiving French macarons via the mail as the French macaron is a delicate cookie. The package was properly secured and padded. The box containing the actual macarons was a lovely confectionery pink color and it was all nice and glossy. You all know that I’m a packaging junkie! I open the box carefully to see what awaited me. I was delighted to see that each individual macaron was secure in it’s own little home. Only one casualty and I’m pretty sure it happened when the UPS man put it under his arm. He had lots of boxes for me that day. What an array of color and aromas coming from the box! Fantastic! Tres magnifique! Josephine would have squealed with delight. I sure did.

Napoleon’s Macarons are both organic and gluten free. The flavors are clean, clear and innovative. They come in boxes of 24, 36 and 48 ranging in price from $36-$68 and worth every penny. The really nice thing? You get to pick the flavors!

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