Did you know that for large orders such as wedding favors or dessert tables, we offered special rates?

We called these our “Rates By The Pound”.

One pound is 27 macarons and our rates by the pound start at 4 lbs, which is 108 macarons. On top of this, the rate of each pound decreases as the order increases. These rates are the most competitive from any specialty macaron retail store, in our knowledge.

There are only two things that we require in order to offer the rates by the pound:

1- You must pay 50% of your order as a downpayment

2- Your order must be placed at least one week ahead, so we can notify our kitchen to bake additional supplies for our regular in-store customers while we offer you these outstanding rates.

The idea, behind our rate-by-the-pound is that you get great quality macarons in large orders at a lower rate than you would, even by purchasing a package deal.

Also, if you bring your own favor boxes with a set example, we will package them for you with no additional charge.

Call our stores now for more information:

Glendale: (818) 291-9160

Woodland Hills: (818) 704-1741

San Francisco: (415) 495-1797

San Jose: (669) 342-7422

Or send us an e-mail: napoleonsmacarons@gmail.com