Razmig Tchoboian of Napoléon's MacaronsIt makes sense that Razmig Tchoboian’s inspiration to become a world-class macaron artisan occurred with his first, delicious bite while standing in the middle of a seminal Parisian tea salon. There was something about the sweet shells sandwiched with rich fillings of chocolate ganache to buttery creams that triggered an emotional response in Tchoboian. Not unlike Proust’s reverie about a madeleine in Remembrance of Things Past, this first macaron experience informed and inspired Tchoboian’s career path and ultimately led to the creation of Napoléon’s Macarons.

It also makes sense that Tchoboian, who was born in Lyons, France, the gastronomic epicenter of the world, would chose to craft tiny macarons as his life’s work. This focus, discipline, attention to detail and utilization of the most perfect ingredients is a hallmark of the French culinary tradition and a reason why each Napoléon’s macaron is a perfect bite and jewel-like work of art.

A self-taught baker, Tchoboian experimented and researched for years before perfecting his recipe. In 2010, he was finally ready to reveal his meticulous work and began selling his confections on-line. In November 2011, Tchoboian opened his first shop in Woodland Hills, California and then followed with his second location at the open-air Americana on Brand in Glendale, California. It is Tchoboian’s mission to provide his customers with the most delicious French delicacy one petite cookie at a time.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Tchoboian is a baker who continues to explore and experiment in the kitchen and is always on the hunt for new flavors to add to his growing macaron collection at Napoléon’s. He is driven by the unexpected, incorporating contrasting texture combinations such as slivered espresso beans for an unexpected pop of crunch, homemade raspberry jelly for an explosion of fresh-from-the-farm berry flavor and the juxtaposed combination of rich dark chocolate with blood orange to create a sweet and tart experience. His inspiration is occasional, seasonal, regional and global.

“The beauty of the macaron is its versatility and its smallness,” says Tchoboian. “The best part of my job is the absolute pleasure that I provide for my customers. This unique tastebud experience, ever changing and surprising, is what makes our macarons a perfect everyday indulgence.”

When Tchoboian is not in the kitchen, he is working with his staff, testing new recipes and looking for the next unique flavor to introduce to his lucky customers. Tchoboian’s lives in Glendale with his wife Talar, and his guilty pleasures include any and all French pastries, good hamburgers, French fries with mayo and real, Napoletana pizza.