authentic french pastries as found at lauduree in paris

Napoléon’s Macarons are delicate French cookies filled with luscious buttercream or rich ganache. They are lovingly handmade… and exceedingly French! The collection includes classic recipes as well as our unique, eclectic flavors of gluten-free French Macarons. Our macarons are gluten-free and made with organic products.

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Bryan C

Excellent cookie, a lot more filling than most, and a beautiful texture. The packaging was nice. I applaud your service and wish you much success in the future. Thank you.

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This was one outstanding chocolate French macaron! Look at that flaky goodness. Nice and airy with a bit of crispiness in the texture. Just chewy enough. Ah… The cookie was full of a light cocoa flavor and the chocolate ganche was thick and rich. Perfection! Four stars!